Demo Reel

Courtroom Hollywood will animate your case accurately and per your specifications with correct distances, proportions and data overlays.

Realistic Plaintiff Modeling

We provide realistic plaintiff modeling from photographs, as well as fluid, realistic animations of the chain of events. Our genuinely skilled animators will help educate your stakeholders on the ever-important details of your case.

Medical malpractice

Courtroom Hollywood can profile accurate and compelling 3D medical modeling and animation.

Patent Cases

Courtroom Hollywood will help with patent infringement and other commercial litigation, demonstrating product similarities or differences, mechanisms and operation.

Murder scene

Murder scene modeling. This is a textureless animation of a murder scene. We are providing it here without the actual animation because the case is still open. The animation is of the quality of the 2012 Demo Reel.

Vehicle colliding with the median

A lawsuit animation, where the vehicle collided with the median. This animation was modeled and animated by Courtroom Hollywood, a division of the Design Subcontracting Corporation.

Standards of Care

Our accurate 3D event reconstruction educates your jury and other stakeholders about the sequence of events and places them right where the action is, to see and decide for themselves.

Construction Accident

Was the I-beam secured to the wall? Should it have been? Did the workers have harnesses on? Should they have? Our animation illustrates the points germane to the case.

Locale Modeling 2

This locale modeling was created for another firm that later animated a motorcycle accident. This locale is based on Google Maps and other map data, and is an accurate representation of a busy intersection under construction next to a Midwestern university.

Client-Vendor Relationships

A different spin on Client-Vendor relationships! And a must, we think, for everyone to watch with a grain of salt. ;)

Multiple camera auto accident animation

Juries and mediators want to see fact patterns reconstructed from all sides to better understand the chain of events. Multiple camera animations are just the right tool for that.

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